Date Consumed:
Beer: Trappists Rochefort No 10
Brewed: Brasserie Rochefort, Rochefort, Belgium
Size: 330mL
Alcohol Content: 11.3%
Sourced: The Bottle, York, United Kingdom
World Beer Rating: 9/10
Notes: has this one in the top 10 in the world and I was very lucky to find this in a specialist ale shop in York. Magnificent tasting beer, only misses a 10 by virtue of very noticable alcohol flavour inbetween other very complex but incredible flavours.

Trappists Rochefort No 10, Belgium

Date Consumed: ?
Beer: Van Diest Früli Strawberry Beer
Brewed: Brouwerij Huyghe, Melle, Belgium
Size: 250mL
Alcohol Content: 4.1%
Sourced: Noble Green Wines, Hampton Hill, London, United Kingdom
World Beer Rating: 8/10
Notes: If you love the taste of strawberry, then this might be the perfect beer for you. It’s a beer, but it’s entirely strawberry coulis for everything else. Sweet, but not artificially flavoured, making it very enjoyable in small quantities. I understand why it’s packed in a small bottle, you wouldn’t want to drink a 500ml version!

Van Diest Früli Strawberry Beer, Belgium

Date Consumed:
Beer: Leffe Blond
Brewed: InBev Belgium, Leuven, Belgium.
Size: 330mL
Alcohol Content: 6.6%
Sourced: CBD Cellars, Wynyard, NSW, Australia
World Beer Rating: 9/10
Notes: Another cracker of a beer from Belgium, slightly floral and fruity with a smooth aftertaste. Leffe is in the top tenth percentile and it’s well deserved.

Leffe Blond, Belgium