Date Consumed: ?
Beer: Dragon Stout
Brewed: Desnoes and Geddes, Kingston, Jamaica
Size: 284mL
Alcohol Content: 7.5%
Sourced: Bubbles Off Licence, Twickenham, London, United Kingdom
World Beer Rating: 8/10.
Notes: Hello Dragon Stout, where have you been hiding? Lovely stout from Jamaica with caramel and malt flavours ending in a smooth satisfying aftertaste. Was quite thin for a stout, if this was of a slightly thicker consistency then you’re looking at a 9.

Dragon Stout, Jamaica

Date Consumed: ?
Beer: Red Stripe Lager
Brewed: Desnoes and Geddes, Kingston, Jamaica
Size: 330mL
Alcohol Content: 4.7%
Sourced: Half Time Beverage, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
World Beer Rating: 5/10.
Notes:  It’s almost sacrilegious, but I prefer the brewed under licence version made in the United Kingdom. This beer has nothing inoffensive about it, but it’s bland with a slight corn flavour.

Red Stripe Lager, Jamaica