United Arab Emirates

Date Consumed: ?
Beer: Barbican Premium Malt
Brewed: Brewed by Aujan Industries Co., Dammam, United Arab Emirates
Size: 330mL
Alcohol Content:
Sourced: Electric Avenue Wholesalers, Brixton, London, United Kingdom
World Beer Rating: 2/10
Notes: Wow, I didn’t expect to find a beer brewed in the United Arab Emirates. Barbican Premium Malt is classified as a beer, containing the ingredients of beer without the alcohol. I got the strawberry flavour (in hindsight, what kind of beer is not brewed with anything strawberry but tastes of it?), and this beer tasted entirely of artificially flavoured strawberry. Actually quite drinkable as a strawberry soda beverage, not as a beer.

Barbican Premium Malt, United Arab Emirates